The wine cellars

The Giacomo Vico Winery has been ampliated for generations but the structure of the original building throughout the years has remained unchanged; an old charismatic farmhour with a U form that can be traced back to the 19th century.
The materials used for the production of wine are the stell and the wood. For the ageing of the Roero ( 100% Nebbiolo grapes) and the Nebbiolo d'Alba we use big france oak barrels.

Instead for the Roero riserva "Giacomo" and the Barbera d’Alba Superior the ageing is committed to the 300L barriques of France Oak.

Old wine cellars 

The old wine-cellars are located under the perimeter of the original winery, built around 1850 by our ancestors, the Serafino family. 
These cellars are located underground where the space autonomously maintains the correct temperature and humidity for the ageing of our wines. 

Nowadays, these underground spaces host the big barrels used for the ageing of the reds and the barriques used for the chardonnay as well for some of our luxrious superior wines.

To top everything off, in the two courtyards of the winery, we are showcasing some of our vintage cars and several instruments that has been used in the past ages to produce wines . 
From time to time, we host art exhibitions of great Piedmontese painters.

New wine cellars

In the 2010 there were built the new spaces of our winery,
The new infrastructures, built in 2010 after completly digging a hill in our property, have permitted to raise the production, thanks to new aging and storage spaces for the wine.
In fact there were installed 41 new steel- tanks, with a total capacity of 1717 hl, used for the production of the whites and some reds.
Wood and steel blend with classy in the respect of the traditions.

Eco-friendly thanks

During the works of 2010 our winery has Aldo become eco-friendly thanks to the installation of 300 M2 of solar panels. So today the 40% of our energy consumption is satisfied in a clean and sustainable way.
It's a long and hard path, but turning on the renewable it is the future.

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